BIOL 3800   Ecology and Evolution (3) - fall semesters
Prerequisite: BIOL 300. Relationships of plants and animals to their environment and to each other; ecophysiology, population growth, species interactions, ecological communities, and ecosystems. Lecture 3 hours, laboratory and field work 3 hours.

Class syllabus (Fall 2015) 

BIOL 4510   Ornithology (4) - spring semesters
Prerequisite: Grade of C or higher in BIOL 100C. Taxonomy, distribution, physiology, life history, ecology, and behavior of birds. Weekly field trips to birding locations along a transect covering all habitats from the sea to the desert. Lecture 2 hours, laboratory and field work 6 hours.

BIOL 4540 Ecosystems of California (3) - fall semesters
Prerequisites: BIOL 3800;  A comprehensive overview of the ecology and biodiversity of California's diverse ecosystems. The course also considers major transformations in the Earth's (i.e. Global Change) and future threats and opportunities for California's Ecosystems.  Lecture 3 hrs, Laboratory 0 hrs.

BIOL 5540 Foundations of Ecology (3) - spring semesters

Prerequisites: BIOL 3800 and graduate level standing;  An in depth review of the foundations of ecology, from theory to application. Additional readings will focus on the burgeoning field of urban ecology and Los Angeles' place in the world of biodiversity conservation Lecture 3 hrs, Laboratory 0 hrs.