Research overview

We are primarily interested in the relationships among species, communities, and the environment, with a focus of birds, butterflies, and their habitats. We use data from field projects, citizen science initiatives, and remote sensing, combined with spatial and quantitative analyses to explore conservation-focused questions. Please visit the 'Themes' and student pages under 'People' to learn more about our lab's work. 

Lab collaborators

The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Anna M. Pidgeon

Volker C. Radeloff

James W. Burnham

Avi Bar-Massada (University of Haifa)

Jodi S. Brandt (Boise State University)

Humboldt State University

Matthew D. Johnson

Jherime L. Kellermann (Oregon Tech University)

USDA Forest Service

Curtis H. Flather (Rocky Mountain Research Station)

Lars Pomara (Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center)

National Park Service

Raymond Skiles (Big Bend National Park)

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Amanda D. Rodewald

Kenneth V. Rosenberg

Wesley M. Hochachka

Ashley A. Dayer

Ron. W. Rohrbaugh

Sara E. Barker