Unifying theme

Research in the lab is focused on biodiversity conservation and understanding the different forces shaping plant and animal communities due to environmental change. I am particularly interested in working with students interested in developing projects addressing conservation needs under the following three themes: (1) a strong field component (focused in the western U.S and on birds, butterflies, and their habitats); (2) spatial modeling and landscape ecology, including remote sensing and GIS approaches; and (3) quantitative ecology. I am also very open to motivated students bringing their own ideas to the lab. 

Cal State L.A is an exciting place to be. We have a great group of faculty and students doing exciting work on diverse topics; we are nearby wonderful protected areas (e.g. San Gabriel Mountains National Monument); the Los Angeles region boasts exceptional regional plant and animal diversity (e.g. from sea to desert, and everything in between); we are surrounded by urban-eco islands (e.g. Griffith Park); and Cal State LA is a vibrant campus with new lab spaces. More on the College of Natural and Social Sciences can be found here.

Please read through the research descriptions on the biology website and here on our lab website. Further, our lab's publications can provide you with a clear idea of projects and approaches we take in the lab. If the themes listed above match your interests, and you are interested in joining the lab, please contact me (ericmwood@calstatela.edu) to talk further about specific opportunities.